Short Course Tutors

Since the Covid-19 crisis, many UAL Short Course tutors have suffered as a consequence of UALSC’s handling of how it has impacted staff, including wide disparities in how the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) has been applied. Here are some of their stories….

“I have lost £2500”

I have run short courses for UALSC’s for over 10 years. So far I have lost £2500 in cancelled courses due to the virus with uncertainty about any further teaching into the future. This also means I have not qualified for any of the HMRC support schemes. I cannot manage without this income and am trying to think how I can give notice at my studio and still continue my work. This has been made more difficult by UAL waiting til the last minute to notify me of the position they have taken.

“marginalised and ignored”

I started working over 22 years ago for Short Courses when they were DALI. I always thought that it might lead to more permanent employment especially as my courses always went well, booked and I got positive feedback. I did my best and developed many courses though after a few years it seemed that it was a landgrab, and that anyone could propose a course irrespective of their experience and this competitive survival of the fittest was part of the Short Course philosophy. Over the years I’ve had to fight harder and harder to maintain my teaching as other courses that offered exactly the same content as mine were proposed with a slightly different name. I’ve developed courses, delivered them, then without any consultation the courses have been given to someone else to teach. I only once during this time had bad feedback, ( I was unwell at the time, and shouldn’t actually have been working, but I needed the money) and this was dealt with in the most hurtful, heavy handed way. My employment with Short Courses has been so constant that a couple of years ago I got a gift voucher thanking me for 20 years of service to CSM, proof surely of being an employee. Yet I feel marginalised and ignored, with no rights. Basically with Short Courses, if you don’t make a fuss they ignore you. During April, I was asked to convert one of my courses for online delivery, I started the process and attended the training, then after couple of weeks I was told this was cancelled. Very frustrating. Lots of my time wasted. April to September is when I earn over half of my yearly income from Short Courses teaching, and without this I have nothing. It was a relief to get a tiny bit of furlough income from April, but only for a 3-week period. On friday without warning and contrary to emails I’ve had a couple of weeks ago, we are told in a generic impersonal email, short courses will close face to face teaching till December. No notice, no redundancy, no money, till December, at the earliest, but THEY LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH US IN THE FUTURE.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on everyone. People have lost their lives, homes, jobs and sense of security in the world. Many are misplaced, suffer from mental health issues and are suffering deeply. This is an intensely difficult time for humankind. I have worked for UALSC for over 20 years. More than a third of my annual income comes from my work with them. The majority during the intense 8 weeks of annual summer schools. I have an established, long term relationship with UALSC. I have been assured many times how valuable I am to them. They trade off my name and reputation using it for publicity and recruitment. I am devastated to be told I will now be abandoned by them and offer no recompense for their closure, access to the government furlough scheme, which I an eligible for, or supported in any way. I have no words for the way I am being treated. It is clear UALSC places PROFIT before PEOPLE!

“a very important source of income”

I have been working for UAL (Short Courses and across two Master Courses) – since I graduated from CSM in 2004 (16 years ago). In the past, I had several short courses I proposed and designed, passed to other lecturers without notice. I have now been asked to move two very popular Summer Courses online, but I am not sure they will get booked. These courses represent a very important source of income for me during the Summer season.

“I have lost almost £3000”

My courses are relatively new and both ran first time last summer at CSM, and have run in the spring term, so I would have expected them to run again this summer and during Easter given their popularity and good feedback. All were cancelled last minute and I was strung along by being asked to try and convert my courses online, for which I attended some online training and made some plans (unpaid) but was then abruptly told they were not able to support any more online courses with their current staff capacity. My efforts felt wasted which caused me a lot of anxiety and stress as to how I was going to pay my bills.

I then asked about furlough as I had heard of other tutors being offered the job retention scheme, to which I received no reply apart from a generic email to discover UALSC/UAL have implemented their own criteria stating that to be eligible for furlough pay courses need to have run for the last two years, leaving my courses out of the picture. The government does not advise this criteria the only that employees be on the payroll on or before March 19th 2020. I have lost almost £3000 which is a lot of money to a young artist, already in a huge amount of financial deficit with student loans, living in London struggling to make ends meet.

“completely abandoned”

I have worked for UAL for 13 years. As a freelancer I am not eligible for the Government Payment Scheme due to the fact that my PAYE teaching work has exceeded my freelance profit in the last two years. I have been teaching my short courses for 8 years and somehow am still not eligible for any help from UALSC. We are all working as zero hours contractors as there is never any compensation for cancelled courses and there was not sufficient notice of this situation either – waiting until late last week (06/06/20..!!!). Currently my short course income makes up at least half of my annual income from teaching and if UAL refuse to furlough me I will be without a wage. Along with testimonies already submitted here I also recognise that I haven’t received help is as a direct result of my work for UAL. I know I can speak for many of my peers that we consistently get great and inspired feedback from the students who have taken the courses and yet when we need financial support from UAL during the pandemic it hasn’t been forthcoming. I feel we have been completely abandoned.

“Incredibly disappointing”

I have worked for UAL for approximately 12 years. As a freelancer I was not eligible for the Government Payment Scheme due to the fact that my PAYE teaching work outweighs my freelance profit. Therefore, if UAL refuse to furlough me I will have been without a wage since April. As the reason I haven’t received help is as a direct result of my work for UAL it seems only appropriate that they step up and help. I believe that my situation is reflective of many other short course tutors. Communications with the short course office has been poor – either a generic reply or nothing at all. Above all – as UALSC staff are eligible for furlough yet it has been chosen NOT to go ahead with it shows a choice to leave it’s staff stranded and without pay. An incredibly disappointing outcome.

“Shame on UAL”

I have worked as a Short Course Tutor at Central St Martins for 13 years. Central St Martins are pretending that myself, and Short Course Tutors like me are new employees to avoid putting us on furlough by the June 10th deadline. We are on their payroll (I have been since 2007) and are employees in the eyes of HMRC. CSM are avoiding furloughing us and refusing their employer responsibilities, with devastating effects. They are lying to us about how the furlough scheme is designed to be used. CSM have furloughed some tutors on a course-by-course basis, but not others. That is not parity, and is not legal employment practice. CSM Management ignored our questions about furloughing from March onwards, refusing to respond to emails until May. They continue to schedule our courses, throughout the pandemic, and (predictably) cancel them due to Covid-19. They know that they can’t run our courses, but they schedule them to appear to the outward world like an ongoing business concern. This behaviour, taken at a senior management level, constitutes a serious failure of duty of care. Meanwhile we cannot get the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, because we are on their payroll. I lost my home and studio of over 7 years, because their payroll stops me getting government support, and CSM will not provide furlough. Throughout the global pandemic, UAL have claimed to champion the future of art education. Meanwhile they continue to create serious financial and personal distress for hundreds of loyal members of staff who rely on them. Furlough is available to us, and is designed for us. Arts educators drive, maintain and sustain the UK’s cultural future. It’s time CSM Short Courses gave us what we rightfully deserve. Shame on UAL.

“Betrayed by my university”

Years ago, I have been asked by UAL to move to PAYE despite been a freelancer/company director (and wanted to stay as consultant and invoice as with any other consultancy work) all my life. I accepted to become an employee, thinking that the disadvantage (more NI and Tax deductions) would have been offset by some advantages e.g. more protection. These difficult times and the absence of any support by UAL made me feel as if I have been betrayed by my own university, the one I graduated, admired, supported (with several pro-bono projects, including free mentoring support as part of the UAL Alumni, and promoted around the world over the years. I feel like I have been a victim of a scam, I feel betrayed by my own and only university.

“Anxious…worried…and very badly let down”

I first started teaching short courses for UAL over 20 years ago when the separate colleges were part of the London Institute and I have been witness and victim in recent years to the drip by drip deterioration in the support and respect that UALSC have shown towards their tutors. With this in mind I was pleasantly surprised and lulled into a false sense of security when UALSC committed to paying us for Easter courses including mine that had been cancelled due to Covid 19. From the start of the lockdown I started to hear that some of the office staff and UALSC tutors had been furloughed and presumed that I would be contacted at some point with a plan for summer school which was when I was due to teach next, but apart from an email from the marketing team asking me to help them (for free) I heard nothing until the 1st June when I was told that my summer school courses were cancelled. A few days later I was told in a group email that I would not be furloughed even though I fit the criteria. Although I teach for UALSC at other times of the year my summer school teaching is the regular bulk of my income and due to the fact that I am paid PAYE I do not qualify for the government self employed Covid 19 grant. I have not been asked to teach my courses online and feel anxious and worried about the future and very badly let down by them.

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Solidarity with UAL Short Course Tutors

Over 350 signees – Last updated: Thurs 11 June 2020 (page launched Tues 9 June)

In less than 48 hours, there has been overwhelming support with over 350 supporters signing their names after reading these shocking stories of how Short Course Tutors have been treated. Many of the signatories are former UAL Short Course students, staff members of UAL, academics from other institutions or independent artists. Some of their comments of support and solidarity are below.

Update 24 June 2020 – over 450 signees.

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Messages of support:

Solidarity all the way. UAL has really let down so many highly skilled, highly qualified and experienced professional staff.

I’m newly employed by UAL so don’t want to give my name in case there are personal consequences for me (as I’m not yet out of probation), but this makes me feel sick and I am disgusted by the way my colleagues have been treated. This would have been me 4 months ago.

I used to have course at the UAL “fashion course” It was the most amazing experience at education. It has to be continued!

Universities need to pull their socks up!! I’m on a zero contract and was given furlough as a a matter of course. It is disgusting that we can support our lecturers and teachers that are their to teach our future. Without education the economy will collapse. Please pay these people they are at the forefront of your names. The money you get comes from their expertise. Show respect. Surely after everything the world is going through we should not have to ask.

Shame on you UAL!

I took short summer courses a few years ago at UAL. That was a great experience in terms of knowledge I gained both in English and Fashion Design. I am deeply disappointed with how UAL tutors are treated during the COVID-19 lockdown. I do believe that all UAL tutors deserve to be fully supported and receive aid taking into account how qualified they are and how crucial this aid might be in such an unstable time.

To help assist with furloughing UAL’s talented tutors create permanent positions for people with 20 plus years experience.

Just read the stories and I’m shocked at what UAL could do to their tutors! They should be taken care of!



Teachers should be respected, not ignored and disposable. Schools should not be all about making money off students.

Simply and utterly outrageous!

Please support all tutors.

It’s horrific to see that CSM doesn’t care for the wellbeing of its own employees.

This is so wrong and disgusting. The university makes so much profit from short courses. It is possible to still pay tutors whose courses are cancelled. There is money, and it should be given to those in need!

Clearly short course tutors need an employment contract where they are able to claim furlough in these times, and also have a more stable contract going beyond the current health crisis.


Sad for them. UAL please help these people 🙏

Such poor treatment of hard working staff. Come on UAL – you’ve made MILLIONS over the years….

Support short course teachers

I stand with these tutors

What hope do we have if our educational system is not supported Short Course Tutors matter too!

Once again UAL continues to dissapoint us by mistreating those who teach us. It is especially alarming to me, someone who works on behalf of students, that UAL can’t offer fairly paid work in to an industry that is already exploitative. It is an insult to the very degrees that they are teaching that UAL exploits many trying to make it in the creative industries, what was the point of studying at UAL if even those who graduate from here are denied fair treatment.

The short course tutors needs to get paid for loss of season to survive!

Working the brand of a university, as a public institution, puts an onus on an employer to give employees minimal protections.

Do the right thing. Dig deep to moral courage and integrity. You will feel better for it. Education includes ethics.

Very saddened by the treatment of amazing staff

This is disgusting behaviour to vulnerable staff at a time of crisis. It’s also laziness because Government has provided the possibility of furloughed payments to colleagues who are casually employees.

My short course was invaluable training to me and I want short course tutors to be properly supported financially.

The university depends on this income stream so you will need these people in the future as you have in the past….be fair!

I know that the part time lectures are totally committed to delivery a first class educational experience to their students and should be treated with respect by the management. by paying them compensation for their loss of income during this difficult time.

It’s an outrage.

Dear UAL, it wouldn’t cost you one penny to have tutors on furlough until the end of July. Good way to promote the arts and support your precarious staff members, their livelihoods and mental health. Absolutely shameless behaviour!

Shameful behaviour when the Tutors are so dedicated and committed to their students. I studied two photography courses at CSM and I can honestly say, they were the best courses I’d ever attended. The tutors were first class!

How are they expected to live and support themselves and families?

Just fill out the paperwork the short courses are so valuable. They’re a taster to what life at UAL is like, I have fond memories and life long friends from one I did when I was 15!

We need those tutors! Look after them!

UAL has history of treating its staff appallingly. I worked as an AL there for 13 years on part time and full time degree courses as well as short courses. Although every observation I was very good, I was made false promises of permanent employment and then dropped from courses with very little notice. I was once even denied payment for an entire course that I had developed and taught. I eventually had to sell my flat and leave London when the insecurity of working as an AL meant I could no longer survive financially. I am disgusted, but hardly surprised to hear about this latest abuse.

Where there is a will, there’s a way.

These tutors should be treated like everyone else and paid until they resume their work!

I took the women’s wear pattern cutting course with Claudette Davis-Bonnick a couple of years ago and it was hands down one the best classes I’ve ever had. It would be a disgrace for tutors of her calibre to be left high and dry when the option to furlough is available. The wealth of knowledge and skill she possesses would be a devastating loss to any up and coming designers so to deny her and others the right to continue earning a salary so they they can continue to impart their knowledge in future, is criminal.

Sad to see brilliant and tallented people I know treated with such level of disregard. Though this is a wider systematic issue the government needs to solve, the university should act on behalf of the staff, because they are of value.

In this state of pandemic, it is heartless to not support tutors financial when options are available to subsidize funding. What goes around comes around. Be compassionate.

This is grossly unfair treatment. Shameful unconscionable treatment

!!!!!!!! Disgraceful !!!!!!

How can you turn your back on your employees?

UAL do not care about other staff members. I used to work with them and left because I got paid less than my other white colleague who joined the team at a later stage and did not even have a PgCert! Shame on you UAL, do the right thing and furlough these staff members!

Please unite & help your tutors without show your fabulous choice of courses would not be available to market to new students.

As a university, you have moral responsibility and legal responsibility to do what’s right

Why is LCF not doing what is right for their teachers’ well-being?

This is supposed to be one of the best universities in the world, please act like it. For all the money that is made or could be generated, Please pass some of it on to your short course tutors. These programs give people who may not be able to afford a proper degree, the opportunity to learn. What great talent might be missed if the teachers aren’t there.

Equal rights to fair pay and support no matter what your position/ course.

This is a very disappointing outcome for hardworking tutors who give many more hours to their profession than what is seen on paper.

Jess BainesLCC, Senior Lecturer
David MorrisCSM / UAL
Nur Syahadah Binte ShahrilLondon College of Fashion, MSc Student
Yann Allsopp
Issy veyseyNone
Sophie HumphriesPartnerships Manager
Megan Bentall
Cathy Warren
Mary Fisher
Arnab Debnath
Neneh Darwin
Katherine PogsonUAL Staff
Emma ShackletonJoint LCF Head of Academic Support
Kevin BidermanRCA UCU vice chair
Milly MarchGraduate, University of Surrey
L GearyCSM
Jennifer LunnFreelance Artist
Terry FinniganUAL/LCF/ senior lecturer
Libby CufleyUniversity of Westminster doctoral researcher
Ruth LangUAL, Senior Lecturer, Central Saint Martins
Bethan HoareUAL Language Centre: Pre-sessional course administrator
Mia Obertelli
Ana Baeza RuizMiddlesex University/Curator, UCU Rep
Romain PotierUAL
Audrey AngCsm ual short course tutor 😢
Jess Hodge
Alexa Jacobs
Peter ReesLecturer, Goldsmiths College
Naomi DinesUAL / Central Saint Martins / Senior Lecturer
Luke Garratt
S Hayward
Charlotte HuntUAL
JoKingston university
Lucas NascimentoFashion designer
Charlotte HuntUAL CSM
Liz HackerManager
Emily DormerSupporter
Loretta lauUniversity of London
Claudia YaraTeacher
Kelly Humphreynone
Deniz ErdoganCentral Saint Martins short courses
Charles OxleyCentral Saint Martins
Lauren DaryStudent
Zim Uddin
Maggie Chao
Carmen Osaba
Amy Jones
Laura GordonVisiting tutor, Royal College of Art
Diletta BonolloCentral Saint Martins
Francesca NicolNone. Local resident.
Margherita HuntleyUAL/CCW/Associate Lecturer and CCW UCU chair
Robert Spencer-LettsNone
Kristin OhmstedeWas a student at CSM
Kristen OhmstedeCSM student
Jillian LintonCoordinator at The RSA
Noëmie CarrantN/A
Maria DadaUniversity of the Arts
Marianne TempletonAlumni
Ami YanagisawaBerkeley college
Sherene MeirHourly paid teacher, Durham University
Arturo ObegeroMA Fashion Graduate CSM
Joanne McVeyUAL – Language Development Tutor
RayNottingham trent
Brian WilkinsFreelance collage tutor
Amrit Kaur
Josephine TaylorRoyal Holloway, University of London
Annie GohLecturer CSM & HPL at LCC
Gurpreet BeghalUniversity of Liverpool
Jill EntwistleCsm
Niram WatthanasitBachelor of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Thailand
Sarisa NuansiCSM
Lillian WilkieLCF 0.6 Lecturer
Sarina Parmar
RosieCsm short course student
AlinaUAL student
Cait McClarin
Yana BlagovaSales manager (GPMD company)
Sunny ChiuBCU MA fashion styling
Lucia FCSM- BFA student
Garry Graham
Cristina NanStudent at short courses Central Saint Martins
Timothy Lim
Ilya AlexandrovUAL
ZaraAston University Student
Ella Turner
Jessica panUniversity student
Joshua EvansPast Student
Ekiko BillingULC short course Tutors
LucyLCF Alumni
Tristan LimNone
S CookUni of Westminster
Raquel SobradoStudent
Igor PachemskiLCF Former tutor
Sara SigStudent
Tina moldovAnNone
Lowelachelsea college of art and design
Andy Warren
Isobel TurnerNo affiliation, just solidarity
Ruth Fulcher
Faunsia Tucker
Owen ThackerayUCL Graduate
JadeStudent @ CSM
Beth TaylorUniversity of Warwick
Ruben BerkeleyUAL/CSM/student
Nic Murray
Lucy MooreUAL, CSM, student
Ari ForealStudent
Heidi LeungCentral Saint Martins
Agathe HoundétéStudent in France
Ruby MortlockStudent
Augusta WardUom
Aleksandra WolejkoCenntral Saint Martins
Audrey AngCsm ual short course tutor 😢
Taran dhesiAston UNiversity
Emma-liCentral Saint Martins – Alumni
Aleph RossStudenr at Murray Edwards College Cambridge
Goulnaz HassanStudent
Elspeth Scott
Michele RealiniEx CSM short course student

Further signatories

Lucy Moore UAL, CSM, student
Ghislaine Mouysset
adriana eysler LCC, Lecturer
Hansika Jethnani, Education Officer ARTS SU (2016-2018) / Short Course Alumni (2014)
Liliana Sanguino
Caitlin Burchett, University of Southampton
Karen Birchwood, Artist
Oonagh O’Hagan, CSM short courses
Benjamin Norsworthy, Former Ravensbourne student
Danxia Liu, University of the arts London, central saint martins, short course
Charmian Griffin, CSM short course tutor
Kat Miles Student at UAL
Molly Boydon
Aaron Smith
Matthew Harrower, Central St Martins
Jenny Zanatti, CSM
Meredith Stewart, Student at CSM
Katie Hamilton
Chloe Riess, Graduate of St Hilda’s College, Oxford
Stef Lister-Flynn
Jasmijn schutten
JKS, Short Course Tutor
Trina Davenport, Short course student
Deborah Ubatelo, UAL
Kevork keshishian, CSM
Claire, London College of Fashion
John Luke Chua, German Sports University
Marco Moposita ual
Ambra Scuola politecnica
elvira grob lcc
Adnan Ur-Rub
Aleksandra Wolejko, Cenntral Saint Martins
Alessia Ascolani

Nina, Student
Louise Lawlor
Andu Masebo ,Ex student
Audrey Ang, Csm ual short course tutor 😢
Kevan Tomlin
Dr Fauzia Ahmad, Dept of Sociology, Goldsmiths
sara kiani, csm
Joi Model
QIYING FANG, Central Saint Martins, Ex Student
Angela Brown
Angela Leong
JC Villalva, CSM short course former student
Proud K., CSM&LCF short courses student
Emilie Matheiski, Student
Nancy Foutsitzi, CSM
Matilda Aspinall, London College of Fashion
Liz Hacker, Manager
Júlia Garriga, Tax advisor
Charlotte Terrell Postdoc, University of Oxford
Eleanor Louise West, Activities Officer ArtsSU
Al Hill, Camberwell student
Siripirun Tan, LCF Alumni
Miki Chino, CSM
Imran Choudhury
Elizabeth Skeaping, Supporter
Marta Lamovsek, Alumni 2010

Petra Metzger, UAL staff
Harry RM, UAL
Rob Johns, Tutor
Anita, ual
Suzanne Beirne
Mark Kean
Sophie Caplan, Ravensbourne
Jennifer Martin, Royal College of Art (Visiting Lecturer), London College of Communication (Associate Lecturer)
Jennifer Nibbs, Current LCC undergraduate student
Patrícia Flor, Ual
Lana Puljic, Ex – student at LCF

Emma Morgan
Lana Locke, Associate Lecturer, Camberwell college of arts
Caitlin Burchett, University of Southampton
Krasimira Butseva, UAL LCC BA Photography Associate Lecturer
Rupert Waldron, UAL/London College of Fashion
Stephanie Cook, UAL Short Course Tutor
Rob Loveday, University of Bristol
Vivian Pelletier
BFury, Leeds alumi
Isabelle tasseff-elenkoff, Chelsea college of art
Sem, Student
Christine Adams
Alex Dickinson, System Change Activist
Matilda Jefferis
Jason Bradley
Meta Cunder, LCF alumna
Dave Hodge
Sarah Kiernan, Birkbeck College
justy okono
Philippa Beale, CSM Director of Studies
Olwenn Martin, Brunel University, lecturer
Jason James, Supporter
Julia Claxton
David Brookes, CSM
Karen Strange, Previous tutor at CSM Product Design and Foundation
Erika Lutzke
Loula Yorke
Anna Maconochie, CSM Short Course student
Peter Barker, Former employee of UAL
Kathryn Hearn, Associate Lecturer
Gillian Daniell, Retired CSM Foundation Tutor and Artist
Gill Mollard
Hayley Jukes, UAL Graduate
Mary Springstead
Clive Burton, EX UAL p/t Foundation Lecture CSM – Camberwell – Chelsea – International Office
Harry Schafer
Prof Winfried Scheuer, retired from Stuttgart Kunstakademie
Helena Wilkins, Student
Aja Teacher
Martin Bulman, Supporter
Or Williams
Roberto Mozzachiodi, Goldsmiths College, UCU Caseworker
Mark Russell, Goldsmiths alumni
Elisa Tosoni, Gallery Manager
Jo Bell
Matthias Kispert LCC, Associate Lecturer
Catherine Smith
Matt Cargill
Beverley Simon, Student
Annie Kvalheim, UCU member
Alessandra Giacaglia, Student (attended UAL short course and MA Fine Arts)
s k, friend of tutors
Salla Harjula
Megan Rowden, Student
Ebru Kocak
Jan Stephens, Short course student
Dawn mckenzie, Friend
Louise Carmichael, Ex student
Tabassuma Noor, Student
Julz, Supporter
rebecca haddaway, LCF ALUMNI
Wolsey Bonnick
Nadia Hussein, Previous student of MANY short courses
Laura Avery, Associate Lecturer
Marie Kerrigan,
Anushka Tay, PhD Student
Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE, Artist
Evelyna, UAL
Loula Guarin, LCF Alumna and CSM Postgrad Student
Denise behrens, Friend of tutor
Nicola Warren
Juliet Playfair
Elizabeth Burke
Aiyah, LCF
Carlotta Allum, Research Student
Luca, Central Saint Martins
Annabel Crowley, CSM
Andrea Mattiello, self employed
Daniella Jenkins, CSM
Audrey Migot-Adholla, UAL
Kadian Gosler, University of the Arts London-LCF
Becca, Csm
Daniel Galsworthy
Rawan Maki, LCF
Robert Green, UAL/CSM/PhD student
Armando azevedo, Ual, Associate Lecturer
Lin-Yu-Fang, Asia university, Taiwan
Tianne F.
Jennifer Foster
Kim Walker, PhD Royal Holloway
Irene Wernli Muster, Lcf short courses course visitor for many years
Mojisola Muhammed, Past student
Leonie, Previous student
Léonor Baillie, LCF short course student & lawyer
Charlotte Straatman, Short course student
Hayley marriott, Ual
M Baines
Daniella Jenkins, CSM
Carlotta Allum, Research Student
Beverlyn Denis, Administration
Victoria Price
Adele Cloony, UAL lecturer

Lindsay Parker, LCF alumni
Audrey Migot-Adholla, UAL
Candela Casablanca-Flores, Student
Monique Jackson, UAL (LCF) Alumni
Angry Ex UAL Staff Member Ex Staff member
Lotte Morrison
Atiye Karakus
Vera Iyere
Hatice Simsek, Customer relation
Emily Self, LCF tailoring short courses tutor
Anoushka Der Sarkissian
Mathilde Associate
Andrea Smith, Imperial college research midwife
Harrison Baines-Hilton
Rachelle Bascara, Birkbeck
Marella, UAL
Sophie Speyer, LCF short courses

Emily Ex, student
Rebecca, Friend of a tutor
Zain Rehaab, Student
Kimberley Thrower
Ant Smith
Susan Zheng, LCF student
Alicia Birchall, Student
Michele, Csm short course student
Keziah Sanderson, Attended a short course
Michelle Phillips ,Student
Nick Sargeant, LCF
L N/a
Becky Lawal University, short course attendee
Arthur Morisset, Former student
Jenia Shchedrova, UAL
Marella, UAL
Edward Powers, UAL
Nisa, Children Centre

Kate Battle
Yaiza Hernandez Velasquez, Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Helmert Robbertsen, CSM Foundation. Associate Lecturer
Debbie Nelson, University lecturer
Beth Bramich, Central Saint Martins, Associate Lecturer
Rui Silva, LCF
Jawara Alleyne, Central Saint Martins

Nora Heidorn, Associate Lecturer, UAL-CSM
Jane Jerome
Kyiaha Nelson
Damilola Odimayo
Adina Necula, UAL
Sheila Brityob
Reena Pastakia, Previous short course student
Sara, Student
Sarah Ward, Alumni of CSM
Keda former, FE Art & Design Tutor, Arts educator at Tate
Erika, UAL
Annabelle Calero
Simona Brinkmann, non academic
Maya J, I used to got to LCF my friend is a tutor on short courses and needs the support
stefan fry, CSM
Jayne Adkins, Lscc
Archie Dickens, Short course tutor
Agnes neffi, London college of fashion
Lina Chang, Alumni of UAL 2018
Sheila White, Occasional summer school tutor
Angelique Stephenson, Ex student of a UAL short course tutor
Mamta Mertner, UAL
Robert Rush
Maram, Short course Student
Katherine Bautista, LCF Student
Mitchell Student, LCF
Chloe Student, LCF short course
Ollie Harrop, UAL SC Tutor

Janet Yau Friend of tutor

Robin Dance, Ex-lecturer, freelance writer
Nikki Hoar, Student
Anna Dewar, Student
Evita Panteli, Ex short course student
Lorrice Douglas
Louis Cazeau
Heath Brown, Associate Lecturer
Sharon Blackford, Lecturer LCF
Sheetal Herman
M beerjeraz
Sharyne Barson, Teach at various establishments
Janelle, Student of a short course at UAL
Helen Fountain, Former student
Sophie Caplan, Ravensbourne
Leda Kurth-Lehmann, Member of the Board, VFT AG Filmproduktion
Shirley Otway, Retired teacher.
Anne Banks
Das Petrou, Advertising copywriter
Asia Akram, student of short courses from CSM and LCF
Susan Zheng, LCF student
Ursula Jerome
Elaine britton, Tutor
Caroline List, UAL short course tutor for over 20 years
Rosa, UAL
Claudia Yara, HLTA
Emma Warren
L yuan, Ex student
Mog Fry

Chloe Kim, CSM
Carolina Lemus, Short course CSM
Domingo Cholula, Short course student
Tania Mello, Former Student
Alice Cuenot, Work/Marseille
Agustina Cescutti, CSM UAL short cours student
Shania Matthews, Attended short Courses at UAL
Cassius Clay
Rachel Doherty, Student
Carlotta Allum, Research Student
Arthur Swindells
Rosie Wiscombe, UAL short course student
Jess Labey

Helen Knight, Central St Martins
Bernadette Serhal, Student
Anna-Claudine Ripley, Central Saint Martins,past student
Nian Liu
Josie Irvine, UAL
Francesca Fossati, Fashion designer
Isabella Kempley, Ual short course student
Beate Weiberle, Concerned citizen
Jonathan Worden, Student
Kadian Gosler, University of the Arts London-LCF
A. Sihra, UAL
Hiroko, Short Course Student
Jin Ho Park, Central Saint Martins
Beate Weiberle, Concerned citizen
Rita Kumari, UAL CSM
Caitlin Kalafus, UAL
Jeremy Somers, Bath Spa Uni

Kadian Gosler, University of the Arts London-LCF
Dawn Previous, CSM short course student
Ruina Iida csm
Alex, LCC S,tudent
Zoe Burt, LCF short course tutor
Chris Constantinou, Composer

Athanasios Velios, University of the Arts London
Noon mitchelhill, Short course tutor
Laura Knight, Chelsea College of Arts
Ruth Sykes, UAL / CSM / Associate Lecturer / Short Course Tutor

Olivia Masters, Student
Katherine MacBride, PhD student UAL
Penelope O’Neill
Berwyn Mure, Short Course Tutor
Isobel Ridler, PhD student KCL
Shanna Palileo
Victoria Williams, ual
Irene Montero, UAL Short Courses
Judith Needham, Mainly self-employed craft tutor
Angie Karnif, UAL/CCA/BAiD

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